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Prudential Insurance: Types of Products and Benefits

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For those of you who are looking for self and family protection for the future, Prudential insurance might be the right choice. Currently, people are increasingly concerned about the importance of having guaranteed protection for the future. This can be seen from the increasing number of insurance policies that offer a variety of attractive products, one of which is Prudential. But do you know what Prudential insurance is? The following is Qoala's full review of this insurance.

Overview of Prudential Insurance

Prudential is one of the largest private insurance companies in Indonesia. Prudential provides many insurance options to choose from according to customer needs, such as health insurance, life insurance, and education insurance. As one of the largest insurance companies, Prudential offers many advantages for customers.

Asuransi Prudential Indonesia is under the auspices of PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia), which was founded in 1995 and is part of Prudential plc, a group of financial services companies in England. With this experience, Prudential has received many awards, one of which is the ESEA (Excellent Service Experience Award) in 2015. With this award, customer trust in Prudential is getting higher.

As one of the largest insurance companies in Indonesia, there are many advantages offered by Prudential, including:

Using the investment system

Prudential's insurance premium offers a very profitable investment system for its customers. With this system, customers do not need to worry about losing the premium that has been paid if there are no claims.

Get a PHS card

The PHS card is a card that can be used for treatment at Prudential partner hospitals easily. With this card, customers do not need a letter of claim but only need to show the PHS card.

Premium payment is only 10 years

One more advantage offered by this insurance is that premium payments only last for 10 years. If you have reached the payment limit, customers do not need to pay monthly premiums anymore but can still make claims whenever they want.
Prudential Insurance

Types of Prudential Insurance Products

As one of the largest insurance companies, Prudential offers many types of insurance products for customers. There are at least 12 types of insurance products that you can choose from, such as:

1. PRUS Healthy Solutions

PRUSolusi Sehat is a traditional health insurance from Prudential that offers a complete and flexible solution for health protection. The payment of benefits is in accordance with the house bill which refers to the PRUSSolusi Sehat Benefit Table. The range of protection provided also covers the whole world. PRUSolusi Sehat offers premium benefits and monthly contributions of IDR 270 thousand per month.

2. Sharia Healthy Solutions PRUS

Prudential's health insurance product applies the sharia system. In this product, the participants will bear the risk (sharing of risk) by granting part or all of the contribution through funds that will be used to pay claims or if a disaster occurs to some participants. This method is in accordance with Islamic law so that it is safer and many benefits can be obtained by participants.

3. PRU Prime Healthcare Plus

PRUPrime Healthcare Plus is an additional insurance product (rider) that provides a complete and comprehensive solution for health protection by paying benefits according to hospital bills. This product provides protection coverage all over the world with flexibility in protecting your health. Prudential insurance fee benefits and monthly contributions follow the basic policy conditions.

4. PRUPrime Healthcare Plus Syariah

PRUPrime Healthcare Plus Syariah is similar to PRUPrime Healthcare Plus, but based on sharia principles. This product offers flexibility in health protection options. This insurance coverage is also wider, starting from the territory of Indonesia to the whole world including the United States. This Prudential insurance product also provides compensation for the marhamah fund which will be paid if the insured dies which will add to the basic insurance compensation.

5. PRUCritical Hospital Cover Syariah

PRUCritical Hospital Cover Syariah is an additional health insurance option that provides comprehensive protection for the treatment of critical conditions from the medical evaluation period to recovery. This product has coverage not only in Indonesia, but also abroad. PRUCritical Hospital Cover Syariah provides comprehensive protection for the treatment of 12 critical conditions such as cancer, kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, to surgery and even to important organ transplants. This insurance product offers annual benefits of up to IDR 15 billion according to the plan chosen.

6. PRUCritical Hospital Cover

This product from Prudential offers health insurance that covers 12 types of critical illness. With an annual benefit of up to IDR 15 billion according to the chosen plan, this insurance claim method can be made all over the world because it has an extensive network.

7. PRUHospital & Surgical Cover Plus

For those of you who are looking for an insurance product with financial protection for your health from an early age for the future welfare of yourself and your family, PRUHospitall & Surgical Cover Plus can be the right choice. This additional Prudential insurance product (riders) provides reimbursement for all costs of hospitalization, ICU to surgery according to the plan taken while the insured is undergoing treatment at the hospital of up to IDR 3 million per day with a maximum total benefit per year of up to IDR 1.2 billion.

8. PRUMed Cover

The PRUMed Cover product is a health insurance product that provides additional benefits in the form of daily hospitalization, ICU and surgery benefits to the main insured if he is hospitalized. This product offers daily benefits per person equivalent to IDR 400,000.

9. PRU Prime Healthcare

PRUPrime Healthcare is a premium health insurance product that provides comprehensive and worldwide coverage with growing benefits. This Prudential insurance product is specifically designed with various benefits ranging from paying for inpatient, outpatient, to surgical procedures. PRUPrime Healthcare insurance covers the benefits of paying hospital room and accommodation fees up to a maximum of IDR 8 million per day and can increase the annual benefit limit up to IDR 35 billion.

10. PRUHospital & Surgical Cover Plus Syariah

This health insurance product from Prudential provides financial protection in accordance with sharia principles for early health for the sake of family welfare in the future. This product includes the benefit of paying expenses while undergoing treatment including surgery with a predetermined benefit limit. Accidental death benefits are also available for the insured's family.

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